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Unlimited Endpoints

Unlimited Connected Servers

SSH Proxy

Private & Secure. Always.

16 GBs of processed data

+$0.40/GB after

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Simple, Scalable Pricing

Ebbflow's pricing model scales on one axis: data processed. Provision unlimited endpoints, connect unlimited servers, only pay for the amount of data that is transferred through the system.

After your first 16 GBs, Ebbflow charges $0.40 per full GB, meaning the cost is rounded down in your favor. Ebbflow charges your card at the end of the month, or earlier if your outstanding data charges exceed $20.00. This threshold is subject to change. See full terms here.

Value for All Users

Ebbflow's low price of $8 per month with 16 GBs of data transfer included gives both home users and enterprise customers alike high value with a low investment. It takes minutes to start testing and using Ebbflow with the free trial.

Home Hosting & SSHing

It is possible to host from home for free, but Ebbflow's ease of use, privacy and security features, certificate management and SSH proxy service allow you to spend less time configuring DNS, port forwards, VPNs, and re-listing your WAN IP and more time on tinkering with your projects, working on your site, and getting work done.

Enterprise - Multi Region Use Case

For AWS customers, Ebbflow provides high value at a very low cost when compared to AWS offerings. Consider a global but three-region backed web service. A load balancer for each region costs ~$16, totalling $48 for the three regions, plus the cost of a Global Accelerator endpoint of $18 brings your costs to $66 before your first byte is transferred. Ebbflow provides the same service at a fraction of the fixed cost. It would take ~175 GBs of data transfer per month to save money by using AWS versus Ebbflow, with every additional regional deployment costing even more.