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Announcing Ebbflow

A Multi-Cloud Web Hosting and Server Connectivity Platform

Ryan Gorup - Founder

After almost a year of hard work, Ebbflow has launched! It has been an invaluable learning experience and I'm super excited to get this tool into the hands of other developers.

Ebbflow is multi-cloud load balancer and SSH proxy service. You can use it to host websites (or generic TLS endpoints!) privately and securely with browser-trusted certificates which can be automatically provisioned and presented for you. Connect to your servers from anywhere, no matter where they are or what network they are in. In a word, Ebbflow is flexible.

Why Ebbflow?

Networking is a pain. Configuring firewalls, DNS, EC2 security groups, port-forwarding, etc., is complicated and difficult. It can be extremely specific. And most importantly, it is inflexible. Let's look at an example: home hosting. If I asked you to host a website from your home computer/raspberry pi, with a browser-trusted certificate, how would you do that? How durable is it? How much manual configuration does it involve? The easiest solution I can think of involves port-forwarding your home router to a server of yours and routing your DNS name to your home's IP address. Is that private? What if your IP changes? Sounds fun. Don't get a new router! Or move!

Enterprise web hosting can be little easier - all cloud providers have load balancers you can use to route traffic to your servers in a local network, typically in a single region. This will work for many people, but things get hard once you'd like to move outside this standard model. If you are familiar with cloud networking, consider the difficulty of the following situations: migrating from on-premises to cloud, cloud-cloud migration, being multi-region or global, routing to a Kubernetes cluster and handling updates, migrating from instances to containers, handling AZ failover, or region failover. A lot of these problems do have solutions - you can solve these problems and some are easier than others - but the solutions are vendor specific, disjoint, application specific, and typically inflexible.

Ebbflow provides a single and global networking model that doesn't just solve a few of these problems, it solves all of these problems.

The Ebbflow Model

In short: All things connect to Ebbflow. Ebbflow routes clients to servers, privately and securely.

Ebbflow flips the paradigm you are currently used to. With Ebbflow, your servers reach up and await connections. Ebbflow has the fun task of routing clients to your servers. When a client visits your website or endpoint, Ebbflow picks the nearest server and proxies the connection through the client to your server process or local SSH daemon.

This new way of modeling your network removes many of the roadblocks and bumps that the current world of networking has. Ebbflow allows for some interesting properties to be achieved:

  • Firewall Friendly - Feel free to block all inbound connections to your servers yet still host your endpoint and be SSH-ed to.
  • Global & Local - Ebbflow has one single interface for all customers and uses nearest-server routing to keep your traffic local for low latencies.
  • Multi Cloud - Ebbflow is deployed to AWS and Google Cloud, and is multi-region in both clouds. If a region Ebbflow is deployed to goes down, your clients and servers will both be routed to other regions or clouds. You don't need to account for region-failure when considering your server scaling, as your servers are always hittable.
  • Linux, MacOS, Windows, Pi - Host where you want with what OS you want. Ebbflow is also ready to adopt new distros and targets to fit your needs
  • Centralized Certificate Management - Ebbflow manages and presents a browser-trusted Let's Encrypt certificate to the visitors of your endpoint
  • LAN Agnostic - Ebbflow does not care what private network your servers are in and they can be completely isolated.
  • No Network, No Problem - Let's say you have a Raspberry Pi in the field collecting data over a cellular connection, this pi could host an endpoint, or be SSH-ed to with Ebbflow.

This new networking model solves the above problems in a convenient and simple way. You can load balance across any network at any time. You can move the same instance between networks and without any configuration at all, the instance will continue to host your endpoint or be SSH-ed to. Multi cloud? Sure. Home hosting? Cool. Host from your Pi? Sweet!

Living in an Ebbflow World

Ebbflow takes many of the problems of modern networking off your play. Ebbflow use of technologies like nearest-host routing, global availability, and multi-cloud durability, all Ebbflow customers benefit from this as well. It's also low-investment in time and money to start hosting or connecting your servers.

Prototyping and testing with Ebbflow takes only a few minutes. During the development of Ebbflow, I used Ebbflow many times to host endpoints or for SSH connectivity. One interesting case was that I was in a coffee shop using the SSH proxy feature to connect to my dev-box at home, while trying to fix a bug in the SSH proxy feature which caused occasional disconnects (now fixed). Ebbflow uses Ebbflow for its website and its linux package server - this request was served by aws-linux-i34709-useast. Also Ebbflow uses Ebbflow to host its staging environment and testing stack. It is simpler and easier to configure than other load balancing solutions and provides so many features that others lack.

I'm excited to see how people use Ebbflow to solve interesting problems. We want to hear about the ways it unlocks new forms of web hosting and connectivity (just email us!). Ebbflow provides a simple solution to complex problems and simple ones such as hosting a personal blog on your Raspberry Pi that's currently collecting dust in your junk drawer. Like I said before, Ebbflow is flexible. It will meet you at your use case and remove the complexities of networking from your problem set. See for yourself, and start testing today with the free trial!

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