Welcome to Ebbflow! Ebbflow is a TLS/HTTPS load balancer and proxy where instances serving an endpoint can be located anywhere! Servers simply reach out to Ebbflow to serve an endpoint, and as clients connect, their requests are proxied to an available server. With this model of server/load-balancer connectivity, Ebbflow does not need server registration or knowledge of the location of your servers. No longer do all servers need to be individually registered or located/VPN'ed in the same network. Gone are the days of self-hosting via DNS and port-forwarding with self-signed certificates. Ebbflow changes up the traditional ways to serve traffic, providing a new method which enables new and simpler configuration As stated earlier, servers reach out to ebbflow to serve an endpoint.

A New Way To Serve Clients

How It Works

Like other load balancers, you route your traffic to ebbflow using DNS. But unlike traditional load balancers, your servers need to establish an outbound connection instead of waiting for inbound connections. Web servers do not have this functionality so an ebbflow client is provided. This client runs alongside your existing web server and will forward requests over localhost.

Getting Started

Check out the documentation, create an account, and head to the console to create an endpoint!